A typical night at home...

This stage of our family right now is a little crazy, a lot of exhaustion and loads of fun! Even though there are nights when I lay in bed and wonder when the tantrums will be gone or the "Eww! I'm not eating that" phase will pass, I wish I could freeze time and enjoy the giggles of an 18 month old or the enjoyment of learning my 10 year old has.   I want to remember this stage, always.  We had a video made of a typical night at home.  Breea Guttery of Tell the Birds, has a gift.  She captured the details of our family perfectly and everytime I watch it, (ten times a day) I am overcome with emotion.  When I have had a particularly hard day because someone keeps eating the glue sticks, or an entire box cereal is strewn about the kitchen floor, or a lot of back talking has happened, I can escape and watch the highlights of the good and happy and sweet moments.  Which I'm hoping in the forthcoming years I turn grey, will be what I mostly remember.


  1. That was so beautiful. Exactly what I needed to remind myself how beautiful each passing moment with my kids is, in the midst of all the crazy. Thank you for sharing!

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