Hi! I'm Hillary!

My name is Hillary.  I am a native of Mesa, Arizona.  I am married to the biggest sweetheart, (literally he's 6'4") and together we have 5 children, 3 boys, 2 girls.   I learned how to be creative and imaginative from my mother.  I hope to help others as they read by sharing my love for design and inviting others to make their homes a place they love to be!

5 years ago my family moved into the home I was raised in.  Lots of memories and life's lessons were had in this home.  And now it's like the home is getting a second chance, another family to hold.  I am enjoying the process of making it my own, our own.   Growing up in the home, I saw everything through a child's eyes.  Now I view life with the eyes of a mother.
It was always a dream home to my parents, but I never really thought it would be mine one day.  My parents have both passed away, (you can read their stories here and here) and I like to think they would like what we've done with the place.  It still has a lot of the charm they built into it, and I've added my own modern touches, but I like to think the home still has it's same soul and holds the same love for the family within it's walls.
I share a lot of details about my parents because to me their lives were amazing and I don't want to forget the memories I share with them.  I feel like sharing them is not only therapy for me, but also entertaining and uplifting to others.
Much of this blog is dedicated to experiences and stories that happened in this home over the past 30+ years.

My career right now is motherhood.  I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom.  It's always been my dream job and most of the time I LOVE it!  I would be lying if I didn't say there are times I just want to run away.  I call it a case of Motheritis!  I like to share this honesty in hopes of collaborating with other Moms on ways we can beat the mishaps of mommyhood and enjoy our dream job to it's fullest!

I LOVE to decorate!  It's my passion.  I have always dreamed of doing it professionally.  And one day I hope that dream will be a reality.  But I've got kids 5 and not enough time for a full time job.  So for now, I will share my passion with you in the decor and design of this place I am lucky to call my homestead house!  

                                                            Photo Credit: Sara Coral Photography


  1. I seriously love you hills and I have fond memories in your house too.


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