Why HH?

Why Homestead House?
My mother and Grandma had an antique country store called the Homestead House and much of mom's days were spent creating country decor including, potpourri satchels, Christmas ornaments made out of vintage quilts and handmade sock dolls.  Mom always made it a point to make me feel like I was helping, so when she would set up a work space, she would set me up too and we would create!  I even had a special spot back in the storage room at her store with a desk just my size.  Grandpa built it for me and Mom has stenciled my name in pink paint on the lid of the desk.  I thought I was very important to have my own desk at the Homestead House.  Sometimes Mom would leave me there with Grandma while she ran the boys to baseball and Grandma would let me ring up a customer or draw the winning ticket out of the raffle jar.  On days when it was really slow we would put rag dolls on the fans and flip the switch to watch them fly!  

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  1. I love these photos and the story behind Homestead House. The photos are so cute.


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