Kid space

Is there anything more fun than designing and decorating a kids space?  I think not!   When we moved back into my childhood home (you can read more about that here) I was super excited to decorate the rooms that were once mine and my siblings, for my own children.  Lots of fun, fighting, pranks, sleepovers, and timeouts occurred in these rooms over the years between my brothers and I.  And now I am blessed to see the same things happening for my littles.  I could often be found in my older brother's doorway most nights, asleep on the floor to escape my fear of the dark.  He wouldn't let me actually sleep "in" his room, so being right in the doorway was good enough for me.  

My goal for my children's rooms was to create an area they could feel gave them freedom.   Freedom to play, freedom to cry, freedom to read, freedom to be mad or think, or pray. Even though some of them share a room, they each have their own unique space.  I am working on some finishing touches before I share the final rooms.  Below are some of my favorite children's rooms inspiration photos.  I think children's room should be simple and eclectic.                                           

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